Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Plein-Air Play Date!

Spent the day on the beach with Todd Bonita, who minded the Maxes while I went at this little study under the beach tent. I'm going to add detail to it by way of beach-goers and some shadow patterns in the sand and may eventually blow it up and paint it full size (I have a cool 12x24 canvasboard that I picked up in Florida and brought all the way back because I just had a vision of filling it with a seascape something like this). If I do work out some additional ideas in this, I'll post the results here. I'm inspired by Jeremy Miranda's poems to beach-going as well (that man's a magician, by the way).

Given the rigors of parenting, I'm pleased and eternally grateful for being "lucky enough to pick up a brush today," as Todd put it. I owe him one, and I'm already looking forward to next Wednesday when he'll pick the location and make with the paints and brushes while I keep an eye on the kids.