Friday, May 7, 2010

MJ Blanchette

The Storm

MJ Blanchette

MJB has three beautiful paintings in the Nachotta 10 show in Portsmouth. Oh for $1,400 to buy "Storm!"


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  3. Chapter 5: Driving Miss Hazy With Mr Meeseeks


    "Run!" Rick shouted. Lincoln panted for breath as he, Rick and Lori ran. The three were currently in a damaged space station in another dimension being chased by what looked like Lynn Sr., Rita and Leni making odd zombie-like noises. The three then tackled Rick making him drop some kind of device. Lincoln picked up the device, unsure of what he should actually do as he looked at the scene while Lori hid behind him, holding on to Lincoln's shoulders.

    "Lincoln, Lori! Hit the button now!" Rick demanded as he tried to get fend himself from the other family members.

    "I can't do that! They're my parents and sister!" Lincoln shouted back, panicking.

    "Lincoln, I already told you, it's not your family!" Rick explained, still holding off the family members. "They're clones from an alternate reality possessed by demonic alien spirits from another dimension's future! Do you need a mnemonic device or something? Just hit the button already!"

    Lincoln looked towards a red button on the wall, still debating with himself on what he should do. The Rita clone then approached him, panting viciously until she suddenly started to act normal. "Lincoln, please. I love you, sweetheart."

    While Lincoln froze in panic, Lori steeled herself. She took the device from Lincoln's hand and pushed past the Rita clone. She attached the device to the button and then pressed it. As soon as she pressed it, another device underneath the clones then activated, creating an energy field that sucked the clones into it. Lincoln and Lori watched in horror as it appeared that the clones were melting as they got sucked into the device.

    As soon as it was done, Rick, seemingly unbothered by the event, got up and picked up the device before opening up a portal home. "Good work, Lori." Rick complimented.

    The three then walked through the portal and arrived back in Rick's garage. Rick smiled as he held up the device. "Y-You know, these demonic alien spirits are really valuable!" Rick then turned to his grandchildren to see Lori had run off to the nearest trash can to puke into while Lincoln crossed his arms over his stomach, looking like he was trying to hold his in. "You okay, kids? Told you not to trust that tuna."

    "I just watched my parents and my sister die." Lincoln stated, deeply disturbed by what he just saw.

    Rick rolled his eyes. "Geez, I already told you, Lincoln, they were evil clones. Your real family's fine. I-I don't see the problem here."

    Lincoln calmed himself down before sighing. He then turned to the audience. "You know, at first I thought these adventures were kinda fun. But lately, they seem to be getting more life threatening and more horrifying. But what really annoys me about them, is that it's always Grandpa Rick that decides where to go. We never get to decide!"

    Lincoln then turned back to Rick. "You know Grandpa Rick, next time you want to go on one of your adventures, I think I should be in charge of what we do."

    Rick raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?

    "Yeah." Lincoln retorted. "If I were in charge, we might actually have an adventure that's just simple and fun for once."

    Rick scoffed. "Yeah ok. Lincoln, the universe is a crazy and chaotic place. Adventures aren't just 'simple' and 'fun'. But hey if you wanna be in charge for once, hey, go for it."

    "Really?" Lincoln asked, surprised that his grandpa would agree so easily.

  4. "On one condition." Rick added. "I-I-If your adventure sucks, and we bail halfway through it, you lose the right to bitch about all future adventures. Plus, you have to do my laundry for a month."

    "Ok." Lincoln agreed. "But if my adventure's good... either me or my sisters are in charge of every second adventure!"

    "Every tenth." Rick rebuffed.

    "Do you really wanna argue that with the rest of my sisters?" Lincoln countered.

    Rick huffed in annoyance. "Ugh fine. Every third adventure."

    "Deal." Lincoln agreed. "But first, I really need a break." He then turned to Lori, who had just finished puking. "Lori could you give me a ride to the comic book store?"

    Before Lori replied, she covered her mouth just in case she was about to puke again. "Ugh fine. I'll do it after you do my laundry for me."

    Lincoln groaned. "Come on Lori, couldn't you do it for free just this once?"

    "Look Lincoln, you know the rules." Lori rebuffed. "If you want me to do favours for you, you have to do favours for me. Besides I literally need a break too." Lori held her head as she felt a headache coming on. "I am literally going to have nightmares about this."

    Lincoln turned to the audience again. "Lori's the only Loud kid with a driver's license. Which means that, in this house, there's no such thing as a free ride."

    Lisa then entered the garage holding a piece of paper, seemingly seeking out Lori. "In exchange for transporting me to the planetarium, I've done your calculus homework. Next time, I would appreciate a challenge."

    "Thanks for the ride to the cemetery." Lucy said, making everyone, including Rick jump as she had appeared in the garage out of no where.

    "GOD-mmmm." Rick shouted before putting his hand over his mouth to try and stop himself.

    Lucy continued. "I finished your poem for your ten week anniversary. It's called 'Bobby'."

    Lori groaned, not exactly in the best mood for this. "Ugh. All right, let's hear it."

    Lucy cleared her throat before reading. "Bobby, I thought you were a stalker. When you left brownies in my locker. Bobby-"

    Before Lucy could continue, Lana then came in holding something. "Hey, big sis! I found your missing retainer in the garbage, and there was some perfectly good gum stuck to it!" Lana then blew a bubble from the gum she was chewing on.

    Lori covered her mouth as she felt like she was going to start puking again. She managed to keep it down. "Ok. Fine. Where do you want a ride?"

    "Ride? I just like digging in the trash." Lana replied. Lori then walked over to collect her homework, poem and retainer.

    "Thank you, thank you, and thank-" As soon as she picked up her retainer, she covered her mouth. Feeling like she was going to puke again, she ran out of the garage.

    "What's up with her?" Lana asked.

    "We've had a pretty rough day today." Lincoln explained.

    Lucy then noticed Rick holding something. "What is that?"

    "Oh this? It's just a device holding clones of your parents and Leni from an alternate reality possessed by demonic alien spirits from another dimension's future. D-don't worry about it too much."



    Lincoln walked up the stairs, towards his room. He then noticed Leni walking by, carrying a hammer, nails and boards. "Leni!" Lincoln shouted in joy before tackling Leni in a hug making her drop everything.

    Leni didn't seem bothered by it. "Hi Linky, what's the hug for?"

    Lincoln let go of her and stood up, scratching the back of his head. "Sorry about that. Kinda had a rough day today." Lincoln then noticed all the tools she was carrying. "What are you doing with all this stuff?"

  5. "I need a ride to the mall, so Lori told me to make her bed, which is weird, cause I'm pretty sure she already has one." Leni explained.

    "Wait. Why are you doing chores for Lori? Aren't you old enough to drive yourself to the mall?" Lincoln asked.

    Leni looked downwards, slightly embarrassed. "Yeah, but I failed the driving test twelve times. Everyone's given up on teaching me. Dad's still mad about the Fire Hydrant Paperboy Nun Incident."

    "What if I helped you to drive?" Lincoln offered.

    Leni got excited. "Wow! You have your license?"

    "Well no, but I do know someone who does."



    "What? Why not?" Lincoln asked Rick. He and Leni were in the garage.

    "I've better things to do then teach driving. Besides I'm gonna be busy today with your adventure. Remember?" Rick asked sarcastically.

    "Oh yeah." Lincoln remembered. "Isn't there anything you could do to help though?"

    Rick sighed. "Ugh fine." He then picked up a small box from his shelf. "This is a Meeseeks box. Let me show you how it works. You press this." When Rick pressed the button, a tall, powder-blue humanoid figure with elongated, narrow limbs had spwned into the room. He had a large, bulbous head with a tuft of orange hair on it, beady black eyes, and a giant mouth that stretched all the way across his face.

    "I'm Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!" The odd creature screeched in a high pitched voice.

    Rick continued to explain. "You make a request. Mr. Meeseeks, fetch me my hammer."

    "Yes, siree!" Mr. Meeseeks cheerfully replied.

    "The Meeseeks fulfills the request." Rick continued as Mr. Meeseeks went to pick up a hammer to bring back to Rick.

    "All done!" Mr. Meeseeks stated.

    "Ooh!" Leni said in amazement.

    "And then it stops existing." Rick finished before Mr. Meeseeks then simply poofed out of existence.

    "Huh?" Leni gawked in confusion.

    "Trust me, they're fine with it." Rick explained. "You just gotta keep your requests simple. They're not gods." Rick then pushed the button again, spawning another Mr. Meeseeks.

    "Ooh, I'm Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!" Mr. Meeseeks screeched in the exact same manner as the last one.

    "Wow, that is like, totes amazing!" Leni remarked.

    "Yeah." Lincoln agreed. "Imagine how much chores could be done with these guys!"

    Rick then squinted his eyes in thought. Letting all eleven of his grandchildren run wild with the Meeseeks box (plus his son and Rita if they ever caught wind of it) would probably be a disastrous idea. Maybe too disastrous for him to deal with. "Yeah, on second thought, this is all you're getting today."

    "Aww." Lincoln and Leni both moaned.

    "Why not?" Lincoln asked.

    "T-There's no way I'm trusting all of you to be reasonable with this thing. In fact, just to safe, I'm taking this with me on your adventure Lincoln."

    "I'm Mr. Meeseeks! Is there anything I can do?" Mr. Meeseeks asked, reminding everyone he was there.

    "Oh, hey Mr. Meeseeks." Lincoln greeted. "Listen, can you help my sister, Leni, get her driving license?"

    "Ooh, yeah! Can do!" Mr. Meeseeks replied.

    "If you need help, I have a game called Total Turbo XXII. Try using that to help her."

    "Yes sir!" Mr. Meeseeks replied again as he and Leni walked out the garage.

    "So are you ready to go or what?" Rick asked impatiently.

    "Guess now's a good a time as any." Lincoln decided.

    "Not so fast!" A voice stopped them. Lincoln and Rick looked to see Lola standing in the garage, glaring at them.

    "Lola? How long have you been standing there?" Lincoln asked.

    "Doesn't matter." Lola replied. "Do you even remember what I asked you earlier today?"

  6. "Uhh..." Lincoln stammered as he thought back to earlier that day.


    Lincoln remembered Lola coming into her room to talk to him while he was reading comics in his underwear but he didn't know what she was talking about. He had recently bought a pair of 'Noise-B-Gone 2000' earbuds as he was sick of trying to read with all the noise that went on in the house from everyone's activities. The earbuds completely blocked out any noise so Lincoln could only guess what Lola was saying to him.

    "Lincoln, is this too much mascara?" Lola asked when she came into the room. "Be honest. It's super, super, super important!"

    "Aah. I couldn't agree more!" Lincoln replied, still reading his comic.

    Lola gave Lincoln a look of confusion. "Agree with what?"

    "Right back at ya!" Lincoln said, still not paying her attention.

    "Ok, you're weird." Lola remarked, getting annoyed with her brother's odd behaviour. She then noticed the Noise-B-Gone package in Lincoln's wastebasket. Realising what was happening, she then glared at Lincoln. "So, Lincoln, are you the biggest dork in the world?"

    "You can say that again!" Lincoln replied.

    "And do you love the taste of dog poop?" Lola asked.

    "You know it!"

    Lola smirked at Lincoln's reply. She then left the room to plan out how to bring some payback to him.


    Back in the present, Rick gave Lincoln an odd look. "W-Why do you read comics in your underwear? I dunno, that sounds kinda weird Lincoln."

    Lincoln shrugged. "Meh."

    Lola then held up the earbuds that Lincoln was using. "So you wanted to block everyone out huh?"

    Lincoln then noticed what Lola was holding before getting angry at her. "Huh? What are you doing with those? Give them back!"

    "Why? So you could just ignore your sisters again?" Lola asked, just as angry as Lincoln was. "Well fine. But on one condition."

    Lincoln groaned before hearing her out. "Ok, what?"

    "I heard about your deal with Grandpa Rick." Lola explained. "I'll give these back to you if I get to lead the adventure instead."

    "Seriously?" Lincoln asked in disbelief. Lola curtly nodded in response. Lincoln groaned. "Ugh fine. Deal."

    Lola handed Lincoln back his ear buds while Lincoln then gave Lola Rick's portal gun which she then started to fiddle with.

    "Wow Lincoln, adventure's not even started yet and it's already gone off the rails." Rick commented. "Also, you know that deal counts for her now too right?"

    Lincoln crossed his arms and frowned in response. Lola put in some random coordinates into the portal device. The Loud siblings only had a basic idea of how the portal gun worked as Rick had only taught them how to use it to get back to Earth. Lola then managed to activate the portal. "Ladies first!" Lola shouted as she jumped straight in.

    "Hey, Lola, wait!" Lincoln called out as he and Rick followed Lola into the portal. The two then emerged in the middle of a busy crowd. They both then tried to look for Lola past the townsfolk walking around. "Lola, where are you?" Lincoln called out.

    "Oh great, w-we lost her." Rick remarked before folding his arms.

    Lincoln then looked around at his surroundings. The place seemed kinda medieval judging by the villagers and the buildings. He could see a large castle not too far from the village. This was another place where other planets were visible in this world's pinkish sky. Lincoln then stopped one of the villagers to talk to them. "Excuse me, we're not exactly from around here, could you tell us where we are?"

  7. The villager then took a good look at Lincoln and Rick. "You're not from this dimension are you?"

    "Umm, no." Lincoln replied, surprised that the villager would ask that. "Why'd you ask."

    "Just wondering. Welcome to Mewni."


    Back at the Loud House, Mr. Meeseeks had done as Lincoln said and set the game up for Leni.

    "So what exactly are you seeking?" Leni asked.

    "Huh?" Mr. Meeseeks looked at Leni in confusion.

    "Well you said your name is Me Seeks. So what are you seeking?" Leni repeated.

    Mr. Meeseeks went back to smiling. "That's just my name, I'm Mr. Meeseeks, look at me!" Mr. Meeseeks then handed Leni a steering wheel controller.

    "Wow! It's just like a real spinny thingy!" Leni remarked.

    "It's called a steering wheel, Leni." Mr. Meeseeks explained. "Are you ready to get started?"

    "WAIT!" Leni stopped him. "I need my special driving outfit!"

    "Ohh ok, that's fine." Mr. Meeseeks said as Leni ran up the stairs to get changed. When she came back down in her green driver outfit, she struck a couple poses. "Wow, you sure look fantastic Leni." Mr. Meeseeks complimented. "Now are you ready to get star-" before Mr. Meeseeks could finish, Leni interrupted again.

    "WAIT! I need my special driving smoothie!" Leni then ran off to the kitchen and then came back with a drink. "It's a soy pumpkin cookie crumble cream. It's seasonal!"

    "Ooh, that sure sounds fancy. So can we go back to-"

    Once again, Mr. Meeseeks was interrupted by Leni. "WAIT!"

    "Ooh, what now?" Mr. Meeseeks asked as he started to lose his smile.

    "Aren't you gonna open the door for me?" Leni asked as she took another sip from her smoothie.

    "C-can do!" Mr. Meeseeks replied as he tried to stay enthusiastic. He then sat down on the sofa and pretended to open a car door with the cushion. "Click! Creak!"

    "What a gentleman." Leni remarked as she sat down. The game then started up as an image of a car on a street appeared on the screen.

    "Ok Leni, all you have to do is keep the wheel straight and stay on the-" Leni then immediately crashed into a building before Mr. Meeseeks could finish.

    "Like that?" Leni asked.

    "No but that's ok. I'm Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me! Just give it another go." Mr. Meeseeks told her.

    "Ok." Leni replied. She then stared at Mr. Meeseeks as she once again crashed into a wall.

    "Ooh not quite Leni. You gotta keep your eyes on the road." Mr. Meeseeks advised.

    "But you told me to look at you. So I did." Leni explained.

    "Uhh..." Mr. Meeseeks gawked at her as his eye started to twitch. He then shook his head to snap himself out of it. "It's ok Leni, you just gotta stay on the road."

    Leni then tossed her controller in frustration. "But, what's the point? We're not going anywhere fun!"

    "Sure we are!" Mr. Meeseeks lied. "We're going to, uh...the mall!"

    Leni gasped as she picked the controller back up. "Why didn't you say so?" She then played the game perfectly this time, staying on the road and not crashing into any cars.

    "Ooh, that was really good Leni." Mr. Meeseeks complimented.

    "Outta my way, granny!" Leni yelled at an NPC.

    "Ooh, easy there Leni." Mr. Meeseeks said as he took away her controller.

    "BUT I HAVE TO GET TO THE MALL!" Leni shouted at him.

    Mr. Meeseeks tried to calm her down. "Easy! Look at me! I'm Mr. Meeseeks. You got a driving test to pass, remember?"

    Leni calmed down and then grinned as she got up and made her way out the door to take the driving test once again.

    "Woo, you go girl!" Mr. Meeseeks called after her.


  8. Lola walked through the streets, trying to find Lincoln and Rick. "Where am I?" Lola asked herself. "Wah!" She and some of the other villagers then jumped out of the way as a unicorn being rode by a teenage girl in a blue dress came running by. As she jumped, Lola accidentally dropped Rick's portal device, breaking it. "Oops. Dang it." Lola then turned to a villager to ask about the one responsible for breaking the device. "Hey who was that?"

    "What have you been living under a rock all your life? That's Princess Star Butterfly!"

    "P-P-Princess?" Lola stammered before running after the unicorn. "Oh my gosh! A princess! I'm gonna meet a real life princess! Eeeeeee!"


    Meanwhile, Rick and Lincoln were walking aimlessly around the village. Both had deep frowns on their faces. "Well, looks like once again, I'm stuck doing what someone else wants to do instead of what I want to do. Just great." Lincoln stated bitterly.

    "Yep. Looks like neither of us are having a good time now." Rick remarked before taking a sip from his flask.

    Lincoln then decided to look at the positives. At least Lola didn't send them any where dangerous or horrifying. "I guess this place isn't so bad though. Kinda reminds of a village from a fantasy-type story." Lincoln thought out loud.

    "Sounds pretty boring Lincoln." Rick countered. He then realised something as he reached into his pockets. "Wait, where's the Meeseeks box?"

    "Huh?" Lincoln asked.

    "My Meeseeks box, Lincoln!" Rick grabbed Lincoln's shoulders. "Someone must have pickpocketed it Lincoln!"

    Meanwhile, in a grim looking castle, a portal opened up with a large, humanoid, frog monster wearing a dark green tunic stepping out of it. He faced another monster sitting on a throne, saluting him. "Ludo, master, I saw some some humans from the Earth dimension arrive in Mewni." The frog monster explained before holding up the Meeseeks box. "I managed to steal this strange box from them."

    Ludo was a short, grayish-green bird-like monster. He had a round head with some bumps and warts on it, yellow eyes, and a dark gray beak with sharp white fangs. He wore mossy green cloak and an unidentified creature's skull on his head like a crown. He was sitting on a stack of pillows on the throne to make himself look taller. There were two other monsters standing guard beside Ludo's throne. Ludo eyed the device in curiosity. "So what does it do, Buff Frog?" Ludo asked.

    Buff Frog scratched the back of his head before handing the box to Ludo. "I am not so sure myself." Buff Frog admitted.

    Ludo fiddled with the device until he accidentally pressed the button, spawning a Mr. Meeseeks, making him jump. "Wah!"

    "Hi! I'm Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!"

    Ludo cowered back as he pointed his staff at him. "W-W-What are you?" Ludo stammered.

    "I'm Mr. Meeseeks!" Mr. Meeseeks answered. "I'll do anything you want!"

    "A-Anything?" Ludo asked as he started to lower his staff, raising his eyebrow at the creature.

    "That's right! Look at me! I'm Mr. Meeseeks!"

    "Hmm." Ludo thought to himself before smirking. He pressed the button again, spawning another Meeseeks.

    "I'm Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!"

    Ludo then giggled. "Oh, I think I know how to get that wand!"


    Back at the Loud house, Mr. Meeseeks sat patiently as he waited for Leni. After hearing someone knocking, he got up to answer it, seeing Leni and a police officer at the door. "Hi, I'm Mr. Meeseeks, look at me!" Mr. Meeseeks greeted the officer before turning to Leni. "So, did you pass?"

  9. The officer raised an eyebrow at Mr. Meeseeks before answering. "No, she did not! She did, however, refuse to obey the speed limit, fail to use her turn signals, and she redirected the test vehicle toward the mall, where she proceeded to hip-check and tackle Mrs. Jelinsky!"

    "Ohh..." Mr. Meeseeks moaned.

    "It's not fair! When I did all that in the game, I won! You guys need to get your rules straight!" Leni complained before she headed upstairs.

    Lori then came by as she has heard the commotion. She looked at Mr. Meeseeks. "Um, what are you supposed to be?"

    "I'm Mr. Meeseeks, look at me." Mr. Meeseeks said less enthusiastically than usual.

    Lori rolled her eyes, quickly realising this was probably something to do with Rick. "Look if you're trying to teach Leni to drive, don't bother. She can't even drive a lawnmower."

    "Ooh, it doesn't quite work that way, miss." Mr. Meeseeks explained, smiling nervously.

    "Whatever." Lori said before walking off.


    Star Butterfly giggled to herself as she walked through the castle holding her newly acquired wand. The cheerful princess had long blonde hair and pink hearts on her cheeks. Star then heard a gasp and then looked down to see a little girl staring at her in awe.

    "Oh my gosh! You're a real princess!" Lola squealed.

    "Aww, so cute." Star gushed at her. "Are you a princess too?"

    "Um...yeah. I'm Princess Lola from...the kingdom of...Royal Woods!" Lola stammered, hoping the princess would buy the lie.

    "Ooh Royal Woods...I don't think I've heard of that kingdom before. Hey where's your parents?" Star asked.

    "Uh, I came here by myself." Lola fibbed.

    "Really?" Star raised an eyebrow. "But how did you get in here?"

    Lola looked away, smirking. "Oh, I have my ways." Lola said mysteriously. Lola then noticed what Star was holding. "Hey what's that?"

    "Oh this? This is my wand. I just got it for my birthday." Star grinned as she started to giggle.

    Lola gasped in amazement. "You can do magic? You HAVE to show me!"

    "Well, I did only just get the wand today buuuuut, eh sure, why not?" Star shrugged.

    Meanwhile, Lincoln and Rick were still trying to look for Lola. While Rick was still grouchy, Lincoln had brightened up a bit after looking at the positives of the situation. "Great. No portal. No Meeseeks box. Lola's gone. This is turning into a real shitshow, Lincoln."

    "Didn't you say the world was a crazy and chaotic place? I thought you were expecting things to go wrong somehow." Lincoln argued.

    "No, I knew things would go wrong because that's what would happen when I'm not in charge. You understand, L-Lincoln?" Rick countered.

    Lincoln raised an eyebrow as he eyed Rick suspiciously. His arguments didn't seem that consistent to what he was arguing earlier. "Is there some other reason you didn't want us to take charge on an adventure?"

    "I don't want you in charge because none of you know what you're doing." Rick claimed as he turned to Lincoln. "I've been all over the multiverse, Lincoln. I always know what I'm doing and I always know what to expect."

    Rick turned back around, only to come face to face with a blue, floating unicorn head. "Yo wassup I ain't never seen you guys here before."


    Mr. Meeseeks opened the door to Lori and Leni's room to see Leni working on literally making a bed for Lori. "Hi, I'm Mr. Meeseeks, what are you doing?"

    "Going back to making Lori's bed." Leni replied, looking sullen.

    "Ooh, that's real nice craftsmanship." Mr. Meeseeks complimented, admiring Leni's work. He then started to look nervous. "But when are we gonna go back to learning to drive?"

  10. "Maybe I'm just not meant to be behind the spinny thingy. You know? Besides, doesn't that mean you get to, like, live forever?" Leni asked.

    "No! That's terrible!" Mr. Meeseeks suddenly screeched.

    Leni jumped slightly. "What? Why?"

    "It doesn't work that way. I'm Mr. Meeseeks. I have to fulfill my purpose so I can go away. The longer we live, the more painful it is to exist!" Mr. Meeseeks explained.

    Leni gasped. "Oh my gosh! I didn't know! I'm so sorry for sucking at driving so much.

    "No Leni, I'm the one who SUCKS!" Mr. Meeseeks screeched that last past out as he grabbed his head.

    Leni got up with a look of determination on her face. "You're right Mr. Meeseeks, I can't give up now. If not for me, then at least for you."

    "Aww thanks Leni." Mr. Meeseeks thanked her, genuinely touched. "So you wanna try the traditional approach?" Mr. Meeseeks asked, holding up a driving instructional manual.

    "Sure. Also, I think I might have an idea of who could help us." Leni said.


    "So did you two come from another dimension or something? Cause I know nobody here dresses like that. Also how'd your hair get all spiky like that? You using some kinda hair gel or something? 'Cause you are like, the only old person I know who uses hair gel, you know what I'm saying?" As the flying princess pony head went on and on, following behind them, Rick had a deep scowl on his face. Through out all the years he had been alive, he had been to many planets and dimensions and met countless people and creatures. This one by far was the most annoying one he had ever met. He'd decided he finally had enough.

    "All right, great, wonderful." Rick interrupted her. "If you haven't seen a little girl in a pink dress, I really don't care. Get lost."

    Flying Princess Pony Head gave Rick a miffed look. "Wow! So rude! I'm just like trying to talk is all but if you wanna be all like grrr then fine, whatever, Pony Head out!"

    Rick sighed in relief as the floating head went away. However, he then groaned as he stumbled upon something on the floor. "Oh come on Lola, really?" Rick asked as he picked up the broken portal device.

    "Um, is that gonna be a problem?" Lincoln asked.

    "Look we've dealt with this situation before, there'll be someway to get out of this dimension." Rick tried to reassure him before grumbling to himself. "I swear to God Lola, when I see you I'm gonna-"


    Lola screamed. For Star's first trick with the magic wand, she had somehow set her own room on fire.

    "D-don't worry, I can fix this." Star reassured the panicking Lola as she got ready to cast another spell. "Uhh...cotton candy fire extinguish!" The room then flooded with cotton candy, putting the fire out.

    Despite the room now being filled with cotton candy, Lola couldn't help but think that this wasn't as enchanting as she hoped it would be.


    Leni had gathered all her sisters sans Lori into the living room to explain her situation with Mr. Meeseeks.

    "So let me get this straight, your whole purpose is to do your job and then die and the longer you stay alive, the more it hurts to exist?" Lucy asked Mr. Meeseeks.

    "That's right! I'm Mr. Meeseeks!" Mr. Meeseeks answered.

    "Leni, can I borrow him? I could really use a muse." Lucy asked.

    "Ooh sorry Lucy but Meeseeks are only meant for one task each." Mr. Meeseeks explained apologetically.

    "Yeah also, Grandpa Rick took the Meeseeks thingy with him on an adventure." Leni pointed out.


  11. "Alright everyone," Mr. Meeseeks announced. "I have an idea! Everybody help me set up some stuff like a real car!" Everyone grabbed some furniture and set it up at the chair Leni was sat on almost like a real car. "Alright Leni, look at me! Listen carefully!" Mr. Meeseeks then pointed to each piece of furniture to explain what they represent. "The base drum's the brakes, the whoopee cushion's the accelerator, the golf club's the steering wheel, the horn is the car horn, the ladle is the turn signal" he then noticed Lily playing with fake toy keys before he picked them up. "And these keys are the keys! Did you get all that?"

    Leni squinted at the keys Mr. Meeseeks just gave her before answering. "S-sure."

    "Are you sure?" Mr. Meeseeks asked.

    "I'm sure. Don't worry, I am like, super determined to get this right." Leni tried to reassure him.

    "Ok, first ya gotta put on the seatbelts." Lana then came up to both of them with some beauty pageant sashes that she had 'borrowed' from Lola's wardrobe.

    "That was easy." Leni remarked.

    "Now you gotta check your mirrors." Mr. Meeseeks explained.

    Leni then started to panic. "Why? Do I look bad?"

    Mr. Meeseeks tried to reassure her. "Ooh, no way Leni, I just meant-"

    Before he could finish, Leni suddenly ran off. "Stop the car! I can't drive in this hideous condition!" Everyone, including Mr. Meeseeks, groaned.

    When she came back, she was wearing a driving helmet. "That's better."

    "Ok, now here's a lesson about avoiding road hazards." Mr. Meeseeks started as Lily then walked in front of Leni wearing a squirrel outfit while trying to imitate one. "Uh oh, there's a squirrel on the road! What do you do?"

    Leni screamed before running off upstairs causing everyone to groan again. Mr. Meeseeks and the Loud siblings were at it for ages trying to teach Leni how to drive but nothing seemed to click for her. Mr. Meeseeks was starting to look disheveled and exhausted while everyone else just looked tired.

    "I'm sorry Mr. Meeseeks. I'm trying real hard but I guess I'm just too dumb." Leni stated as she looked down in shame.

    Mr. Meeseeks still tried to be enthusiastic though his voice was starting to crack. "No, no it's ok, I'm Mr. Meeseeks! I'll just explain it again! See, the ladle is the turn signal."

    "Oh! You mean the blinky blink?" Leni asked, starting to realise what it was.

    Mr. Meeseeks looked discombobulated. "The wha?"

    "Yeah. It's right by the spinny thingy." Leni said, pointing to the wreath.

    Luna then perked up as she came to a realisation. "Dude, I know what you gotta do! You just have to speak Leni!"

    Both Mr. Meeseeks and Leni looked at her, confused. "There's a country named after me?" Leni asked.

    Luna shook her head. "No I mean you gotta use words that Leni understands! You know what I mean Meeseeks dude?"

    Mr. Meeseeks thought about it for a second before realising what she meant. "Ohhh I get you." He then turned to Leni. "Leni, use the blinky blink." Leni knew exactly what he was talking about and flipped the ladle. "Alright now try turning to your good side!" Leni tilted the wreath to left. Mr. Meeseeks got some of his enthusiasm back. "Yeah! Now you're getting it! Hang on a moment." He then got up and brought back a white high heeled shoe and a green boot. He then pointed to the shoe. "This is the break pedal. Do you know what it does?" Leni was silent as she didn't know the answer. "White shoes after Labor Day!" Mr. Meeseeks clued her in.

    Leni looked disgusted. "Ew, stop!"

  12. "That's right!" Mr. Meeseeks then pointed to the green boot. "This is the gas pedal. You know what that does?" Leni was silent again. "Boots from the 60's." Mr. Meeseeks clued her in again.

    "Go-Go!" Leni said in realisation.

    "Yeah! Now we just need to put it into practice!" Mr. Meeseeks was ecstatic as it finally seemed like the task would soon be finished.


    Lincoln and Rick had spent all day searching for Lola. Only a couple of villagers seemed to have seen her but nobody knew where she had gone. Lincoln then noticed the sun starting to set. "It's getting kinda late. Maybe Lola's gone to an inn?"

    Rick gave a neutral grunt in response. The two then made their way to an inn. Unfortunately, the innkeeper knew nothing about any little girl in a pink dress coming in. The two entered their rooms though due to how poor the inn was, they had an empty room with only one window and two straw beds. "Well, I've slept in worse conditions than this." Rick remarked before walking over to look out the window.

    Lincoln decided now was as good a time as any to bring up the earlier argument. "All right Grandpa Rick, spill it. Why actually are you against us leading an adventure?"

    "I already told you Lincoln. None of you know what you're doing out there. I do!" Rick argued.

    "Yeah, I don't buy it. There's some other reason isn't there." Lincoln pressed on.

    Rick groaned. "All right fine. You see Lincoln, I don't respect authority. I don't like being told what to do or when to do it. I like to do things my way. You understand now L-Lincoln?"

    Lincoln stared at Rick, thinking about his answer. "But that doesn't mean you can't just hear us out. I mean we're doing alright so far, right?"

    Rick frowned at Lincoln. "I'm the smartest man in the universe Lincoln. I don't need to hear anyone out. B-besides who are you to talk? Y-You got those earbuds so you could block everyone out. I mean I get that it can get too noisy but you don't see me ignoring people trying to talk to me do you?"

    Lincoln rubbed his arm. He had to admit that Rick had a point. He decided to then turn in for the night as he thought about the conversation he just had.


    Meanwhile Star looked out of her window. "Geez, it's getting kinda dark. Shouldn't you be getting home?"

    "Um, why don't I just stay here for the night?" Lola asked.

    Star then gasped. "Princess sleepover!"

    She quickly closed the curtains, got changed into her pyjamas and got out two pillows for her and Lola to sit on. As she did this, Lola thought to herself if Star would get along well with Leni with how much Star reminded her of her sister.

    "All right where should we start? Uhhh gossip! Got anything you wanna talk about?" Star grinned at Lola.

    Lola rolled her eyes as she started to frown. "Oh boy, do I. I have this stupid brother that bought these stupid earbuds-"

    "Earbuds?" Star asked, interrupting her.

    "Uh, they're these things that you put in your ears to block out sound. I tried to talk to him when he was wearing them but he just ignored me!" Lola explained.

    Star then started to frown. "Yeah, I know what that's like. When your family members ignore you. So why'd he buy them?"

    Lola scoffed. "Pfft. I dunno. Guess he just wanted to ignore all of us."

    "All?" Star asked curiously.

    "Oh, yeah me and my other nine sisters." Lola explained.

    "Nine sisters?!" Star asked in disbelief. "Geez, I can't imagine what living like that would be like. I don't even have one."

  13. Lola scratched the back of her head as she slowly started to realise why Lincoln would buy those earbuds. "Yeah, it does get kinda...noisy." Now that she thought about it, Lincoln hadn't exactly gotten much time to himself lately. She started to feel a little guilty for hijacking his adventure.


    The sun was starting to set on Earth as well. The sisters and Mr. Meeseeks had gathered in the backyard as Leni sat on a lawnmower. "Remember what we practised Leni!" Mr. Meeseeks called out.

    "Go-Go boot!" Leni called out as the lawnmower started to move forward. A squirrel then ran in front of the lawnmower. "White shoe!" Leni called out again as she stopped the lawnmower. Once it got out the way, Leni breathed a sigh of relief. "Go-Go boot!" As she started to head towards the hedge, her sisters started to get worried.

    "Whoa! Watch out!" Lynn tried to warn her.

    "Good side!" Leni turned left, avoiding the hedge. The rest of the siblings cheered for her as she started to drive around without a problem. "I'm doing it!"

    "Good job Leni, looks like you're ready to get your driving license!" Mr. Meeseeks exclaimed, relieved it would be ending soon.

    Leni stopped the lawnmower and got off. "Yeah! I promise that's the first thing I'm gonna do tomorrow morning."

    Mr. Meeseeks suddenly had a look of distraught on his face. "T-tomorrow?!"

    Leni started to look guilty. "Yeah...the DMV would be closed by now. I can't get my license until tomorrow. I'm sorry."

    Mr. Meeseeks let out a loud groan in response. Leni tried to confort him and put a hand on his shoulder.

    "Like, I don't know how much this means to you but I really appreciate all the help you've given me. I never would've been able to figure this all out by myself. So, thank you." Leni smiled at him.

    Despite the growing pain, Mr. Meeseeks took some comfort from Leni's words. "Aww, I'm just doing my job. I'm Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!"

    Meanwhile, no one seemed to realise that Lori was watching the whole event from her room. Lori frowned as she suddenly felt overwhelmed by a feeling of jealousy. So just because she wanted a bit of compensation for doing them a favour, they'd abandon her for Leni? "I'm not giving up the car keys that easily." Lori muttered to herself.


    Later on at night, Leni was getting herself comfortable in bed before she turned to Lori. "Night, Lori!" Lori seemed to already be asleep making a loud snoring noise. Leni shrugged, put on her sleeping mask then tried to reach for the lamp to turn it off, though she couldn't quite find it.


    "Got it!" Leni said before she went to sleep. However, Lori was only pretending to sleep. As soon as she saw Leni fall asleep, she creeped over to her bed and placed a pair of headphones that played a tape that Lori recorded on her head.

    "Never check your mirrors. Always comment on your driving instructor's weight. In America, we drive on the left side of the road."

    Lori smirked as she went to go back to sleep. While a part of her felt guilty for doing this, another part of her didn't want her younger siblings to feel like they didn't need her. She ultimately decided this would be for the best.


    The next morning, Luna paced around, curious about how Leni's test was going when she then noticed Lori walking down the stairs with a basket of clothes. "Ah! There you are! Don't you need a ride to the record store? And lavender sheets. Don't forget." Lori sang cheerfully as she handed Luna the basket.

    Luna passed the basket back to Lori. "Nah, I'm good, dude. I think I'll wait for Leni to get back from taking her driving test, with her new license."

  14. Lori scoffed. "Pssht. She's not gonna pass. Now, get to washing." She passed the basket back to Luna.

    "Actually dude, I'm pretty sure she will pass." Luna passed the basket back to Lori.

    "No she won't. Because I made sure of it." Lori claimed.

    Luna looked at Lori in shock. "Say what now?"

    Lori realised she slipped up. "Nothing!"

    "Oh, no you don't!" Luna then grabbed a sweater from Lori's basket. "Dang it Lori, I will shrink your favorite Bobby sweater in the dryer if you don't tell me what you-"

    "STOP! FINE!" Lori shouted, interrupting her. She grabbed the sweater back and put it on, hugging herself. "I might have sabotaged Leni by giving her bad driving instructions while she slept, but it's just because if Leni can drive, my room will never be clean and no one will ever need me for anything ever again!" Lori confessed with tears welling in her eyes and her voice going up in pitch.

    "YOU WHAT?!" Mr. Meeseeks screeched as he had overheard the argument. He had a look of absolute fury on his face as he stomped up to Lori and grabbed the front of her sweater. "Do you realise what you've done?!"

    Lori fearfully looked at Mr. Meeseeks. Her eyes were still welling with tears. "I-I-I d-don't know I-I-"

    Luna then got in between them, seperating them. "Chill out dudes!" She then turned to Lori. "Lori, are you crazy?! What if your bad driving instructions make Leni crash? What if she gets herself hurt?"

    Lori looked down, ashamed of herself. "I didn't think of that..."

    Luna groaned as she facepalmed. "Come on, we gotta get to the DMV!"

    Lori, Luna and Mr. Meeseeks then ran out and got into the van. Luna sat in the front with Lori while Mr. Meeseeks sat behind Lori, arms folded, glaring at the back of her head. As they set off, Lori decided to ask about the weird blue man sat behind her. "So, could you explain what this guy's deal is?"

    "Oh, him! Right..." Luna then explained what Mr. Meeseeks was and the situation they had with him.

    Once Luna was finished, Lori started to feel more guilty. "That's terrible! Is there nothing we can do to help him?"

    Luna shook her head. "Only thing we can do is hope Leni managed to pass anyway."

    The three then arrived at the DMV. They got out the van just as Leni exited the building. Lori sighed in relief. "Oh, thank goodness, she's okay."

    "Did you pass the test Leni?" Luna asked, hopeful.

    Suddenly, the same police officer from yesterday then stepped outside with a displeased look on his face. "No, she did not! She did, however, drive on the wrong side of the road, neglected to check her mirrors and commented on the driving instructor's weight!"

    At that, Mr. Meeseeks suddenly shrieked in anger. He had finally snapped as he ran towards the police officer. The cop was caught off guard by the weird blue man, giving Mr. Meeseeks the opportunity to steal his gun from him. "Get back!" Mr. Meeseeks shouted. Everyone put their hands in the air to avoid getting shot.

    "Mr. Meeseeks! What are you doing?" Leni asked, shocked at Mr. Meeseeks' behaviour.

    "Everyone get back!" Mr. Meeseeks shouted again as he slowly walked inside the DMV. Lori cringed at herself, knowing that this disaster was her own fault.


    After a rough night, Lincoln and Rick were awoken by a low rumbling sound. "Huh? Whassat?" Rick asked, still feeling groggy.

    "Is this an earthquake?" Lincoln asked. The two then walked out of the inn to see what was wrong. They then noticed some kind of stampede in the distance. Rick walked towards the stampede to get a closer look. He then started to recognise what it was. "Is that Mr. Meeseeks?!" Rick asked in disbelief.

  15. Indeed, it seemed like an army of angry Mr. Meeseeks were running towards the village. Preparing for the worst, Rick got out a laser gun and handed another one off to Lincoln. "I don't think they're here to be helpful Lincoln." Rick told him. As soon as the Meeseeks army got close to the village, Rick and Lincoln started firing at them. While they couldn't kill them, they were able to temporarily injure them. One Meeseeks managed to get close enough to the two of them that Rick managed to grab him in order to interrogate him. "Alright, what are you Meeseeks trying to do?"

    "We were all ordered to take the wand from Star Butterfly! I'm Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!" Mr. Meeseeks answered cheerfully before Rick then blasted him. As he went back to firing at the Meeseeks, he tried to plan a way to stop them.

    "How are we going to stop them? There's too many!" Lincoln asked.

    "I'm thinking of it Lincoln!" Rick told him.

    It looked like a group of Meeseeks were about to surround them when Lincoln and Rick then heard a voice.

    "Narwhal blast!" The Meeseeks were then suddenly knocked over by a bunch of narwhals. Lincoln and Rick looked over to see that a teenage girl dressed like a princess was the one that cast the spell. They also noticed Lola holding on to her shoulders. "Rainbow fist punch!" Star shouted. The wand she was carrying then casted a rainbow which formed into a fist, punching away some of the Meeseeks. She then ran up to Rick and Lincoln. "Oh hey, what's up?"

    Lola then got off her back. She was then then caught off guard as Lincoln then ran up to hug her. "Lola! Oh thank goodness, I was so worried!"

    Star looked in confusion at Lincoln and Rick before turning to Lola. "Wait, I thought you said you guys were royalty?"

    Lola laughed nervously. "Well you see...the thing about that is-"

    Lola was interrupted as Rick handed her a laser gun. "Save the chit chat for later. We got some Meeseeks to blast!" Lola then put on a devilish grin as she fired at the Meeseeks along with Rick and Lincoln while Star fired spells at them, throwing in some punches and kicks every now and then.

    As they were firing, Lincoln walked up to Star. "So, who are you again?"

    "Princess Star Butterfly." Star answered as she focused on firing spells at the Meeseeks. "What about you two?"

    "Oh, I'm Lincoln Loud." Lincoln answered.

    "Rick Sanchez." Rick curtly replied.

    As he kept firing at them, Rick eventually separated from the rest of the group. To his surprise, he found that he was actually enjoying himself. "Yeah, take that!" Rick shouted before he accidentally tripped over a bush. "Whoa!"

    As he got back up, he realised he hadn't tripped over a bush, but an odd frog man hiding behind a bush, who just happened to be holding the Meeseeks box. Buff Frog groaned from having someone fall on top of him before he noticed Rick glaring at him, making him laugh nervously. "Uhh he he..."

    Rick pointed his gun at Buff Frog while doing a 'give it here' motion with his hands. Buff Frog nervously gave Rick the Meeseeks box then put his hands in the air to surrender. Rick debated shooting him anyway until he then noticed a giant rainbow suddenly appearing over the village. The rainbow was somehow on fire. "What the hell..." The distraction gave Buff Frog enough time to retreat. Rick then decided to reunite with the others.

    "What are these guys? How do we stop them?" Star asked Lincoln in the midst of the battle.

    Lincoln tried to answer as simply as possible. "They're Meeseeks. They can't die until they fulfill their purpose. Which is apparently to steal your wand."

  16. Star thought to herself before she got an idea. "Ooh, I know. Keep holding them off, I'll be back in a minute." Star then ran back towards the castle, leaving Lincoln and Lola to keep blasting at the Meeseeks.


    The situation at the DMV had gotten worse as Mr. Meeseeks now held the gun at the driving instructor's head. "Meeseeks are not born into this world fumbling for meaning! We are created to serve a singular purpose for which we will go to any lengths to fulfill! My purpose is to get Leni her driving license. So maybe you should start making it!"

    The driving instructor mumbled in fear. Leni, Lori, Luna and the cop looked on, unsure of what they should do. The cop was about to call for backup before Leni stopped him. "No wait, stop. He doesn't want to hurt anyone! All he wants is to die!"

    "Huh?" The cop looked at Leni in confusion.

    Leni then turned to her sisters. "Guys, what happened?"

    "I'm sorry Leni." Lori sobbed. "It was my fault! I sabotaged your test."

    Leni looked at Lori confused. "Sabo...tage?"

    "It's like she went and bought the dress she knew you wanted." Luna explained.

    Leni gasped. "HOW COULD YOU?!"

    "I'm so sorry!" Lori apologised. "I just didn't want to feel unneeded since I knew you'd just let everyone have a ride for free."

    "Lori..." Leni sighed in disappointment before putting on a look of determination. "Well, I know someone who needs me." Leni then fearlessly walked up to Mr. Meeseeks to try and talk to him. "Mr. Meeseeks, please stop! I know I haven't exactly been easy to teach. I know I've been kind of a screw up. But please give me one more chance to do this the right way. I know I can do this if I focus on it harder than anything. Just please put the gun down and give me one last chance to prove myself and get my license the right way." Leni clasped her hands together and gave Mr. Meeseeks a pleading look.

    Mr. Meeseeks stared back at Leni, breathing heavily. Despite the agonizing pain he was going through, to his surprise, he found that upsetting Leni was almost just as painful. Mr. Meeseeks slowly lowered the gun as his anger started to fade. "Ok."

    Leni smiled in gratitude. "Thank you." She then turned to the driving instructor. "Please, you have to give me another chance. I know I can pass this.

    Still feeling shaken up from the gun aimed at his head, the driving instructor nervously nodded his head as he felt like he didn't really have a choice.


    Leni was soon in the car with the driving instructor while Lori, Luna, Mr. Meeseeks and the police officer watched from the sidelines. Once the test started, Leni focused on what she was doing harder than she ever had. So much so that it started to give her a headache. She remembered everything Mr. Meeseeks had taught her yesterday and made sure not to make a single mistake, concentrating on both the road and her surroundings. Once the test was over, Leni turned to the driving instructor. "So how did I do?"

    The driving instructor had just finished writing something before he turned to Leni with a relieved smile. "You passed!"

    Leni squealed as she got out the car to tell everyone the good news. "Guys, I did it! I got my drivers license!"

    Lori and Luna cheered as they ran up to hug Leni. Once they were finished, Leni turned to Mr. Meeseeks. "Mr. Meeseeks, I did it!"

    Mr. Meeseeks now had his enthusiasm back. "Ooh you sure did Leni! Congratulations!"

    "You know Mr. Meeseeks, I'm really gonna miss you..." Leni admitted.

    "Yeah, me too." Mr. Meeseeks then also admitted. Leni then gave Mr. Meeseeks a hug before he finally disappeared.

  17. Despite knowing that this was coming, Leni still felt saddened at Mr. Meeseeks going away. "Ohh..."

    Lori then put her hand on Leni's shoulder and gave her a comforting look. "Come on Leni, let's go home. I'll let you drive if you want?"

    "Eh, not yet you won't." The police officer interrupted. "You girls have so many questions to answer."

    Lori shrugged. "Fair enough."


    Rick, Lincoln and Lola were still blasting at the Meeseeks. Suddenly, a loud whistle could be heard making everyone stop.

    "Hey Meeseeks!" Star called out before holding out her wand. "Is this what you're after?"

    The Meeseeks army then all focused on her as she ran towards the outskirts of the village. She then stopped and then watched the army of Meeseeks run after her, waiting for the right opportunity. Once it came, she got out a pair of scissors and then used them to open up a portal to another dimension. The Meeseeks were unable to stop themselves as they all fell into the portal, tumbling and tripping over themselves. Once the last one fell through, Star quickly closed the portal. "Job well done." She then looked back towards the village. The villagers were screaming in fear while the rainbow that was on fire was still hanging over them. Star turned away, looked down at her wand and cringed at herself.

    Lincoln, Lola and Rick then ran up to her. "That was amazing!" Lincoln praised her. "You can open portals to other dimensions?"

    "Huh? Oh yeah, these are actually my parents' scissors." Star explained. "But yeah, these things can get you anywhere in the universe."

    "Do you think you could open a portal back to Earth? We're kinda stuck here." Lincoln asked her.

    "Sure!" Star then used her dimensional scissors to open a portal. "I'd stick around to say goodbye but I really gotta get back to my parents." Star gave an apologetic smile as she pointed her thumb back towards the castle. She then ran off, waving at them. "See ya."

    Lincoln and Lola waved after her. After she left, Lincoln turned to Lola with his hands on his hips and his eyebrow raised. "So, ran off to hang out with a princess huh?" Lola then laughed nervously.

    The three went through the portal and arrived in Rick's garage. Lincoln then turned to Lola. "Lola, I've been thinking about what you said and I'm sorry for ignoring you. It was rude. I should've heard you out."

    Lola shook her head. "Nah, it's ok. I understand. Even I think it gets way too noisy in this house sometimes. Sorry for hijacking your adventure and all."

    "Yeah you will be sorry." Rick then added. "You'll be coming on the next adventure. You owe me for breaking my portal device, Lola."

    Lola sighed. "Dang it."

  18. Lincoln then gave Rick a smug look. "Hey Grandpa Rick, remember the deal? Neither of us bailed. So that means we win the bet and now we get to take charge of every third adventure." Rick grumbled in response before Lincoln continued. "Besides, you can't say you totally hated it. You looked like you were having fun shooting at those Meeseeks.

    Rick sighed, not wanting to admit defeat. "Whatever."

    The three then walked into the living room to see everyone sat around Leni. She then got up and turned to them excitedly. "Guys, look! I got my license." She held up her license and pointed to it.

    Lincoln smiled at her. "Wow, you actually did it? Congrats Leni!"

    Lola grinned. "So does this mean we don't have to do any chores for a ride any more?"

    Lori sighed. "Yes. And for the record, you guys don't have to do any chores for me to get a ride either."

    Everyone in the room besides Rick was surprised by that statement. "What?!"

    Lori continued. "Yeah...see I felt that since I was doing you guys a favour, you should be doing a favour for me. But I don't want you guys to feel like I'm forcing you to do favours for me. If Leni can give you guys rides without getting anything in return, then I can too."

    The siblings all thought about Lori's comment, wondering if it was selfish of them to ask for rides without anything in return. Lucy then spoke up. "You know, if you want, I can still write a poem for you whenever you give me a ride."

    Lori smiled. "Thanks Lucy."

    Rick frowned at the mushy display. "God, I feel like barfing."

    Lincoln gave Rick an annoyed look. "Oh come on Grandpa Rick, can't you just be happy for Leni?"

    "No I can't just be happy for Leni." Rick stated making everyone gasp. He then suddenly perked up. "Because I'm also proud of Leni! Wubba lubba dub dubs!" Everyone laughed in relief as Rick went on. "Yeah! That's my new thing! I'm kind of like what's his name Arsenio. Isn't that it's what Arsenio used to say on his show. Wobble gobba lop bops! Right?" Rick then turned to the audience. "See you next time, everybody. Yeah that's right, I see you too."