Tuesday, May 18, 2010

American Landscape #1 and A New Gallery Added

An experiment I undertook has opened new possibilities. What if I took a lightened-up version of the palette of American masters from the Tonalist period, such as Twachtman, Tryon, and Crane, but added splashes of pure-pigment primaries like Cadmium Red and Yellow? Now what if I tried to gesture (literally) toward the mood of the Hudson River and Tonalist painters, even while the subject slips into abstraction? The result was "American Landscape #1," which I hope expresses reverence for the tradition along with a certain melancholy concerning the unfeasibility and nostalgia of landscape in general today.

Meanwhile, Vermont Artisans Gallery 2 in Brattleboro, VT. has accepted seven of my paintings (including "American Landscape #1") in what I hope will be a long and mutually beneficial partnership with the gallery. The gallery has an interesting and comfortable layout that combines open areas and small rooms with glass walls so you can commune with individual works in peace. The gallery is planning a "featured artist" show for my work in July, and a coterie of my friends is plotting a major after-party at a nearby wine bar. Stay tuned for more as the opening draws near!

Meanwhile, I'm painting with great energy and preparing for the first outdoor show of the season, the Beacon Hill Art Walk in Boston on the first Sunday in June.