Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Lucy Dodd - Painting as a Poetics of Earth, Water, Air

Nothing here but an excerpt and a link to uber-critic Jerry Saltz's review of Lucy Dodd's 2013 show Cake4Catfish at David Lewis Gallery (NYC) along with some images of subsequent work. He says it better than anyone else I've read, so I'll just post this nugget from a NYTimes review to get you to keep reading:

Lucy Dodd's paintings' "amber depths and jet-black clouds are achieved not with conventional paint but with flower essences, Tetley tea, cuttlefish ink, and yew berries among other substances. With titles like "the Flight of Aunt Goose" and "Slowly Snail ... Time is Creation's Bubble," the artist seems to invite viewers to read her radiant works like Rorschach tests for pagan rites."

Two Doors, one Tomb - Coming Through the Back Side of Death, entrance to  Dodd's 2013 show.

These works are cosmic in scope and humbly, elementally of the earth - and playful! - all at once.

Saltz nails and unpacks it perfectly with a piece that doubles as a mini-history of a vital branch of contemporary art and a fun read to boot.

Dodd's 2018 show May Flower at David Lewis, with Prince Porcupine on the right.
Detail of Prince Porcupine Cuttlefish ink, black lichen, hematite, Tetley tea, tulip flower extract, yew berries, wild walnut, and pigments on canvas, 45 3/4 x 59 1/2 inches.

Two Doors, One Tomb - Coming Through the Back Side of Death (left)

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