Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Still Life with Key

"The essence of art is sensitivity. How does one retain the freshness of sensitivity? Answer: By working without worry, freely. How does one work freely? By possessing a technique which permits one to work spontaneously: it is necessary, therefore, to possess the elements of this technique. Meditation in front of the works of the masters puts one in possession of the eternal rules of art. Once these rules are learned there is nothing left but to know how to apply them to one's own temperament."

-Andre Lhote 1923

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  1. This is a wonderful quote. With every passing year I am more profoundly sure that it is absolutely essential to spend time in museums engaged with works of art. Nothing is as potently influential in one's own work, or has as lingering an effect as interacting with and gazing upon the great masters. Thanks for sharing this.