Friday, March 23, 2012

Plein-Air Workshop in April

Pigeon Cove, 8x10, plein-air oil on linen, 2012
There are still several spaces left in my four-week plein-air painting class that will run four Sundays in a row, from April 15 through May 6. We'll be painting in southern Maine, New Hampshire (York, Newcastle, Rye) and Rockport, Mass.

Our approach will be about seeing - perception, feeling, and expression - more than it will be about accuracy in color or drawing, although these will be covered too. I will be emphasizing simplification, spontaneity, and “seeing big.” We’ll be making sincere records of fresh experiences that can function both as finished paintings in their own right and as studies for larger, more conceptual work in the studio.

These classes ARE appropriate for the absolute beginner as well as for the experienced painter looking to loosen up and stray a bit further into personal expression. I have two primary goals for everyone, including myself: to develop a unique, expressive painting style and to have a great time doing it. Tuition is $200.

If you're interested in more information, like the materials list and tentative locations, please give me a shout.


  1. Often we forget that what we have to say in a painting is more important than the means we employ to make that painting. A slightly crude painting, with a lot to say or with an interesting take, is infinitely more valuable than a highly polished piece of gravel.
    I'm glad, Chris, that you're lifting that "it's gotta be perfect, or I failed" load from your students' shoulders. We must always try to remember that it's supposed to be fun and that the most important part of our arsenal, as painters, is the uniqueness of our personalities.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly! As a new oil painter, I really needed to see that in print. I am really looking forward to painting with the both of you soon, mostly for the pure joy of it! Thanks.