Tuesday, April 6, 2010

iPhone Meets the Blogosphere

I've downloaded two apps for my iPhone that promise to make it easy for me to post to my blog from wherever I happen to have service. Neither one seems particularly great. They're called Typepad and Pixelpipe, which was recently pulled from the AppStore, it turns out. Typepad wants to you to start a new blog on its own blog site! Ha ha ha ha ha. Yeah.

Also, I dislike the way apps like this ask you to join their network to access their services - meaning, store your stuff on their servers and create an account to post to social media, etc. It'd be more seamless if it were just an interface for an ftp-like pipe that hooked into Blogspot so I could post directly. Oh yeah, but then they wouldn't get your email and such and it wouldn't be a "sticky" application (barf). Pixelpipe sort of works, but it also sort of sucks - it fails to post the pictures I select about 50% of the time, and it never allows me to access the same Blogspot editing features I can access from my MacBook, including photo size, font for the titles, blah blah blah. I have yet to use Pixelpipe to properly post a photo and a text update to the same post! Admittedly, I'm an Apple user, so I no longer have much patience with engineers' narcissistic misjudgments of usability. If anybody has had better luck with anything - let me know.

I just learned that the other Blog supersite, WordPress, has posted their own iPhone app to the store - hopefully, Blogspot will make one soon. If not, I'll just jump ship.

Oh yeah, and that image of Homer reciting the Odyssey was created with the Brushes app on the iPhone by some guy with time and a wicked talent for digital finger-painting.

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