Thursday, March 18, 2010


It's spring break at the two colleges at which I teach, Chester College of New England and New Hampshire Institute of Art, and my wife Anna is celebrating life on the West Coast, so between entertaining Max, I'm (almost) getting a chance to catch up on some long 0ver-due to-do's and (gasp) painting some new things.

This one, called "Moonlight," is 8x10 and destined for Bowersock Gallery in Provincetown.

I am going back to some of my earliest modes- tonal landscapes of mood and suggestion. I'm in love with the half-tones and the shadows. I will be exploring the outer boundaries of representation in this mode, and I plan to see what I am able to express even while pushing these paintings into abstraction. I long to soar large on these. But I'm starting small first so that I can create numerous canvases in which to try out a greater number of variations in method and idea.