Thursday, May 29, 2014

And We're Back

Sorry I've been out of touch! I've resolved to post more frequently, even if it's only a beautiful work of art, an inspiring quote, or an update on my own art and classes.

In that spirit, I give you ... Robert Henri.

Robert Henri, Agnes in Red

"We have great periods. Periods when we freshen, move forward into hopeful philosophy. Then comes the stamp of personal whim.

Technique becomes a tool, not an objective. We are interested and we have expressions we must make. All things are appreciated with an abundance of humor. There is an association with nature. Something happens between us and the flowers in a garden, a communication of gayety, a rhythm in the grass understood - something charming in a day's wash hung on the line - a song running through it all. Associations with nature. It's a state to be in and a state to paint in."

- Robert Henri, The Art Spirit, p. 207

Monhegan, by Robert Henri