Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Great Snow Paintings

Does anybody know of any great winter paintings?

I've got some ideas (George Inness, and Aldro Hibbard come to mind), but I would love to know what folks out there consider their favorites.

As it happens, I've been asked to write an article on killer snow paintings for the Mass Humanities weblog. I'd love to know what you think should be included. In other words ... Please Help!

Here are a few immediate picks to get things started.

Casper David Friedrich, Cairn in Snow, 1807

Louis Remy Mignot, Snow Scene, 1853-54

Albert Bierstadt, The Snow Mountain, 1863-68

George Inness, Home at Montclair, 1892

Muhlenhaupt, Title?, 1890
Childe Hassam, Boston Common at Twilight, 1885-86

Bruce Crane, Title?, c. 1900
N.C. Wyeth, Snow Platform, 1906

Walter Launt Palmer, Snowy Landscape (look at that light!)
- Thanks to Mary Eickson!

John Henry Twachtman, Winter Harmony, 1890-1900

Aldro Hibbard, c. 1920
Eric Aho, February, c. 2010
Any other great snow or winter paintings out there? Please chime in.


  1. I can't resist this one! Monet-The Magpie; Walter Launt Palmer-White Evergreens, Sparkling Brook; John Twachtman-Winter Harmony. Birge Harrison-snowy Day. None depicted the winter landscape like Wyeth. And don't forget contemporary masters: T.Allen Lawson- February's Burden; Don Demers-Laden Boughs. And Richard Schmid, Clyde Aspevig, Skip Whitcomb...So many greats out there!

  2. Thank you Mary for these great picks! I'm adding a Palmer and the gorgeous Twachtman to this page, and I'll begin a new post with additional images once others weigh in. Meanwhile, here's a Pinterest page that gathers some "how to" snow painting videos from Youtube: http://www.pinterest.com/redst/how-to-snow/

  3. Yes, Palmer's snow paintings are amazing, and he made a specialty of capturing light on snow. My favorite is "An Early Snow" 1887. Also, Caspar David Friedrich's "The Sea of Ice" .

  4. MCG: Thanks for the input! Will check out "An Early Snow." I love that Friedrich painting- it's definitely making the top 10 list.

  5. BTW I found a link to a selection of Palmer's "blue snow" paintings, including "An Early Snow" : http://bjws.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-blue-snow-of-new-england-by-walter.html

  6. Another great painter of snow was Emile Gruppe. Also, Stapleton Kearns is a contemporary landscape painter in New England -- lots of snow there!

  7. The Chasseur in the Forest 1814, by Caspar David Friedrich

  8. Snow at Louveciennes, 1878, by Alfred Sisley


  9. Alfred Sisley, 1874 Snow at Louveciennes


    Claude Monet, Magpie 1868


    John Twachtman, Icebound c1889


    John Twachtman, 1897-1899 Snow Scene at Utica


  10. Claude Monet,


  11. Paul Cezanne - Melting Snow, Fontainebleau


  12. Wow Grant you totally rose to the challenge! Thank you! These are great additions.

  13. Joseph Farquharson Scottish painting laird, famous in Scotland for his dramatic sunsets, snow and sheep. He had a portable studio on large wheels in the grounds of his estate and models of sheep which he moved to create interesting compositions when the real sheep were in other pastures for that painting day.

  14. Caroline, that's hilarious. I can totally picture the old guy lugging around and positioning all those fake sheep in the snow.

  15. http://omalia.com/painting/snow/
    I love this modern take by Carol O'Malia!

  16. http://tallenlawson.com/archives/
    T Allen Lawson does some pretty fine snow scenes!

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