Saturday, May 25, 2013

Video on Nicolas de Stael

Nicolas de Stael, the subject of my last post here, had a nice phrase to describe his approach to painting, wavering between abstraction and figuration: "l'entre deux - between the two." I suspect that phrase is going to come in handy for me at some point.

I also like this quote from de Stael: "All my life, I had a need to think painting, to paint in order to liberate myself from all the impressions, all the feelings, and all the anxieties of which the only solution I know is painting." I get that too.

Turns out there's an exhibition of about a dozen of Stael's late paintings at the Mitchell, Innes & Nash gallery in Manhattan this month.

One of the blog's readers sent me a link to a short video of the show's curator interviewing a collector and friend of the de Stael family.


  1. great blog. thanks. Lisa Noonis

  2. ...and I get that too...the liberation...but the anquish as well is evident...and I get that too.
    The one needs the other.

    Blog on.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your "find". . . revisiting his incredible work, and his engaging quotes . . . I love this of his which you quoted: ". “I am now getting to know, seeing and copying, Titian, El Greco, the beautiful Primitives, the last of Bellinis, Mantegna, Antonella da Messina, all of them," he wrote to a friend, "and wish for only one thing: to be able to study them for as long as possible.” (you can tell so much about his passion . . . so akin to Cezanne's . .. )

  4. Thank you for the good words, Grant. I agree Annie - "the one needs the other."

  5. nel 2014 si celebrano i cento anni dalla nascita di Nicolas De Staƫl, segnalo alcune iniziative: