Friday, March 19, 2010

To the White Mountains!

I'm thrilled to learn that I will be staying with my Chester College colleague, psychologist Stephen Soreff, at the legendary Balsams grand resort this summer. Stephen and I will be presenting our program, The Adventure of the White Mountains in Art, Literature and Experience.

It's an hour-long participatory program in which I provide a synopsis of the history of White Mountain art and artists, while Steve and his partner Peggy draw audience members out to make connections between the classic literature of the transcendentalists and their own first-hand experiences hiking and enjoying the Whites.

We've already given the "show" twice to great audiences, once at the Appalachian Mountain Club's Joe Dodge lodge and, earlier this month, at the Highland Center at Bretton Woods (the food there is just incredible, btw). Each time, we spread the distinctly American gospel of the spiritual-experiential apprehension of "wildness" in nature and the art that captures and celebrates it.

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